We guide you through the entire process, from initial design to equipment procurement and installation. Then we offer programming, calibration and instruction, all backed up by our stellar service and maintenance.


    AMMRG Inc. is proud to offer a full range of A/V products for every budget and application. From LED displays to video conferencing, interactive Smartboards to speakers and more.


    From digital signage and interactive displays to video walls and conferencing solutions, AMMRG has your audio visual installation needs covered.


    From digital signage and interactive displays to video walls and conferencing solutions, AMMRG has your audio visual installation needs covered. 

  • Complete Conferencing Systems

    With our complete conference room systems, you can connect employees, customers and partners easily within your own space or in far-reaching locations without incurring travel time and expenses. Participant groups can range from one-to-one collaboration in private offices, all the way to large groups across diverse sites attending individually or in small groups, along with many people in large meeting spaces.

  • Your Complete A/V Solution

    Serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1997, our team includes a rare combination of system designers, electricians, installers and programmers who provide creative designs, systems integration and control of your business. We recognize the special care and attention to detail needed when building or upgrading your work-space. AMMRG offers a full range of office A/V products for every budget and application and High-End smart home and home theater systems.

  • Interfaces and Control

    No matter how amazing the technology and installation is, it is virtually worthless if it is not intuitive for the users to control. We are often asked what is the best type of control: tactile, touchscreen or even voice. The answer is they all have their place, depending on a number of variables including budget, devices being controlled and whether it is user operated or if there is a meeting administrator that runs the show.



Buying a right player can be complicated, but we are going to simplify things for you so that you can find the right player for your system at the right price. Would it be a Blu Ray, DVD, CD, HDCD, SACD or streaming player we have the right one just for you.


Audio amplifiers are a must-have item for any Home Theater system, Hi-Fi enthusiast, recording studio audio system, entertainment center, business presentation auditorium or board meeting room or surround-sound system. See our wide selection of audio amplifiers from top brands at AMMRG


High-end Receivers provide extensive audio and video switching and processing, and also provide network connectivity and custom control capabilities. Check out AMMRG list of High-end AV receivers and talk to our specialist to find right choice for your requirements and needs. Shop with confidence.


AMMRG provides variety of brands of phone systems suitable for Business and Enterprise use. VoIP Business phone service is the ideal telephone solutions system for any sized business.

Media Servers

Buy best Audio and Video media and streaming servers from AMMRG. Media Servers give you the power to easily manage, play and control your content, your way, from Anywhere. Combine your Media Servers with AMMRG Media Storage to store all your Audio/Video files and more.


Designed for ease of use and maximum reliability with the majority of screens in commercial and business exhibition, a digital projector solutions by AMMRG is right choice for your business or Home. Shop brightest, highest performance projectors with the lowest operating costs in its class.

TV and Monitors

The ultra-thin wallpaper design OLED/LCD TV's and Monitors allows to be mounted virtually flush with the wall so it seems to blend in, a feat only possible with uniquely sophisticated new style and models of OLED/LCD TV technology. AMMRG carry the latest high-end TV and Monitors, and commercial monitors for any business use.

Projector Screens

With projector screens for home theaters and business presentations, you can get impressive clarity and impact. AMMRG can provide you with the latest projectors and projector screens for larger-than-life presentations, movies & video gaming action.


    Commercial AV systems by AMMRG include Smart office and automation, Telepresence, Large venue digital projection, multi-zone audio/video, digital signage, touch pad controls and more


    Looking for the best High-End Home Theater installation, Home Automation, Audio Video design and install, Best High-Eng AV Equipment, Security systems, and or Home communication wiring? AMMRG's AV Specialists is your first choice


    When it's time to put together complex audio, video, our lighting systems for your Professional Recording or Video Studio, Large live sound, recording and post production facilities or multi-location projects, AMMRG affiliated systems integrator bring the knowledge and expertise to strategize and create even the most sophisticated setups