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Buying a right player can be complicated, but we are going to simplify things for you so that you can find the right player for your system at the right price. Would it be a Blu Ray, DVD, CD, HDCD, SACD or streaming player we have the right one just for you.


Audio amplifiers are a must-have item for any Home Theater system, Hi-Fi enthusiast, recording studio audio system, entertainment center, business presentation auditorium or board meeting room or surround-sound system. See our wide selection of audio amplifiers from top brands at AMMRG


High-end Receivers provide extensive audio and video switching and processing, and also provide network connectivity and custom control capabilities. Check out AMMRG list of High-end AV receivers and talk to our specialist to find right choice for your requirements and needs. Shop with confidence.


AMMRG provides variety of brands of phone systems suitable for Business and Enterprise use. VoIP Business phone service is the ideal telephone solutions system for any sized business.

Media Servers

Buy best Audio and Video media and streaming servers from AMMRG. Media Servers give you the power to easily manage, play and control your content, your way, from Anywhere. Combine your Media Servers with AMMRG Media Storage to store all your Audio/Video files and more.


Designed for ease of use and maximum reliability with the majority of screens in commercial and business exhibition, a digital projector solutions by AMMRG is right choice for your business or Home. Shop brightest, highest performance projectors with the lowest operating costs in its class.