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With projector screens for home theaters and business presentations, you can get impressive clarity and impact. AMMRG can provide you with the latest projectors and projector screens for larger-than-life presentations, movies & video gaming action.

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General Details

ALR screens are able to reject that ambient light by absorbing light from off-angles, rather than reflecting it back into the room. They do not absorb light coming from head on, or the back of the room, because that is where the projector is. Thus, ALR screens are effective at absorbing light from the sides, and also steep angles up and down. That’s how these screens manage to look good even with some overhead lighting almost right above the screen.

The CineGrey 3D material is designed to work with projectors that have a “normal throw,” which means projectors that sit about ten feet or so back from the screen. This allowed me to compare the two screens, and, while they both displayed a gorgeous image, it was clear that the CineGrey 3D material did its job in rejecting ambient light. If you have a short throw or ultra short throw projector, you’re not out of luck – Elite Screens does manufacture ALR screens made specifically for these types of projectors.

Elite Screens also brought me the wonderful Sony VPL-VW665ES, an 1,800-lumen true 4K projector, to use for the review. They were interested to see how 4K content performed with the screen material, and I must say, it didn’t disappoint. Passengers, Rocky Mountain Express, and even The Secret Life of Pets, all looked really “wow” – even in the face of ambient light.

List Sample

  • ISF Certified for accurate color points, color temperature and dynamic range
    Contrast enhancement
    Excellent color balance
    Angular reflective
    Ambient Light Rejecting (up to 65%)
    1.2 Gain
    Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR Ready
    Counters wash-out effect from ambient light
    Lower cost than higher end matte white or gray screen products
    Available in the following diagonal sizes: 92”, 100”, 110”, 120”, 135”, 150”, and 200” in 16:9 format; 103”, 125”, and 158” in 2.35:1 format
    Aluminum lightweight split-frame design
    Material stretches over frame for a permanently tight-tensioned flat surface
    Easy to assemble and install in minutes
    EDGE FREE® or install ultra-thin trim
    Wall mount brackets slide ensuring the frame is properly centered
    Optional LED backlight kit with remote control
    Polarized 3D material
    2-year manufacturer’s warranty
    3-year warranty offered through ENR-G program (Education, Non-Profit, Religious and Government)
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